Recreate Yourself

imageHi! This is Sherry, my first blog 🙂

I will be sharing some real life incidents, which made me realize the importance of “recreation”.

These days my muse is swimming, It’s been a week already and I have just learnt to float . Though I have a long way to go, but this past one week has been life changing for me, getting up at 5:30 a.m., leaving home at 5:50 a.m., and in the pool at 6 a.m. I still remember on my first day on the way to the swimming complex, I remembered a story  from English literature book “Deep  Water” by William Douglas who longed to learn swimming but when he was three or four was knocked down by the huge wave, since then he was prisoner of his childhood fear, but water never seized to tempt him, when he grew older he decided to overcome his fear and learnt how to swim with his sheer determination and will power. The quote from the story “all we need to fear is fear itself” hit me hard. That particular thought empowered me, and my first day in the pool had just begun. Learnt few techniques.

On the next day I met a lady on having a word with her I got to know that how she joined the swimming classes, she used to come with her kids, then she thought if I have to be here with my kids for an hour then why to be a spectator, let’s get in and learn. I could see glee in her eyes when she shared her experience with me.

Within one week I have seen so much, I have seen not only young crowd but also grand dads and grand mas in the pool learning and setting examples, and that spirit is commendable. I even showed it to my dad and said “Look! daddy that old woman, she is old but her spirit and courage is younger than many of us” to that he replied “I know where this conversation is heading to, Main budha h theek hu” ;). But, my teacher is a twelve year old girl who corrected my posture and showed me right technique to swim and her name is Shrishti, and she is my new friend cum trainer 🙂

Hence my swimming experience this summer has made me look at the life in a bigger and better way. It is not about age, not about weight, not about resources, not about the recreation mode you opt for, not about right time, if you want to recreate yourself, just get going and embrace yourself. 🙂

What’s your muse this summer? Do share your experiences, would be glad to read them.







The Questions

The Questions, for which I seek the answer. The Questions, which pushes me to go extra mile. The Questions,which makes me live my life the way I want to. The Questions, which helps me to listen to my gut. The Questions, which keeps my morality intact.

The Questions, which helps me to introspect.

Ouch! Does it seem to you my life is a QUESTION MARK ?? 😛

Life in itself is a question mark, and we are here to find the answer. Don’t you agree ? However I believe Questions are always better than Answers because it’s the question that pushes us to explore in and out.

I have few questions on my mind every now and then, which constantly urge me to lead a better life. They do help me to uplift my spirit.

  • If not me, who? If not now,when?
  • What if this was my last “Today”? Would I be doing, what I am about to do today?
  • What would I do if I was not afraid?

So, these are the questions I ask myself each day, on different situations. Do you do that too?

Do share the questions you ask yourself till then, leaving you with a small verse. Hope it puts a smile on your face and it stays there forever. 🙂 Be Blessed and Keep Questioning!! 😉




The Leading Lady

In the movies we have a best friend and a Leading Lady, how about if I draw an analogy between the movies and the life.

 “Life is a movie pick your own role,

Climb your own ladder or dig your own hole”.

I have a quick question for you ladies, if I ask you five things/people you love, how long would you take to name yourself? Perhaps! you did not count yourself in the list. Right? :/

We women, always underestimate ourselves. According to the research most of the women when complimented will turn it down as if it was insignificant, or just pass on the credit to the external factors instead of saying “Thank you”. I refer this habit as “CARDIGAN OF MODESTY”. Wanna have a closer look?  How do we do it? Watch the video: Hilarious! isn’ it? 😉

Oh Lord! I have more than one incident where I did this, I still remember when my manager praised me for finishing a task correctly and within the deadline. I said “Oh! It’s nothing”. I wore a “CARDIGAN OF MODESTY”. 😉

High time we need to take off this CARDIGAN, as it dulls our shine. How about being the leading lady of your life first rather than being leading lady of someone else’s life. In order to attain it we need to overcome our fears, insecurities, social pressure etc. I know it’s tough, but definitely it’s worth a shot for more accomplished life.

Like Sheryl Sandberg asked in one of her TED Talks “What would you do if you weren’t afraid?”

We need to ask ourselves the same and follow the path which leads us to being the “LEADING LADY OF OUR OWN LIFE”. 🙂


A Warm Hug

It’s been almost a year since I decided to write a blog. However to be honest I have never been an avid blog reader, I never did know how to write one. I just wanted to write with my heart content. It was a search to find “ME”, But in the journey of finding ME, I found YOU ALL.

You lovely peeps who motivated me, accepted me with love. Gaining followers was never on my list, but gaining love and feedback certainly was. It was only this month I started to read what my other fellow bloggers have to say, what do they have on their minds. And to my surprise, I just got to know what I had been missing out. Some lovely reads, some beautiful insights, some heart wrenching life stories, some rare verses and what not. 

Seriously I have been glued to your writings lately, in awe of you all. I am glad that you have accepted me in the same manner. 

“I was not planning to love you, but I am glad I did.”

So whenever someone hits like, follow or leaves a comment, I feel like I am receiving a WARM HUG. 🙂

Even a small gesture, can brighten a dark world.

 Thank You! each one of you for being so generous and supportive. Shine bright always!!


The Letter Of Love

Dear Seekers,

        “What, Oh, what is the use of the war? Why can’t people live peacefully together? Why all this destruction?

The above excerpt is from my recent read “Anne Frank’s Diary”. The moment I came across these questions, I closed the book and pondered “Why can’t we live peacefully as one, no boundaries, no differentiation, Why can’t we be considered as citizens of one world? And the answer was not difficult to get ” To FEEL THE POWER”.

We people ask for the differentiation, it makes us feel big, and trust me I am no different. Though I wish to always choose “Power of Love” over “Love of Power” but I know later dominates. However I believe we as so called humans have very shallow way of feeling the power, it comes by not raising oneself up, it comes by demeaning others.

Adolf Hitler, a German dictator from Nazi Party. Hitler’s policies and political takeovers were one of the main reasons of World War II. During his despotism millions of Jews were killed, and for what? To commit suicide at the end ? All his life he wanted to be in power and in the end too he did not want to feel powerless in front of his enemies so he shot himself as he was about to be arrested. What an end! and all for the POWER.

I completely understand power is addictive, everyone longs for it. Only if we could understand Power of Love is more beautiful than Love of Power, then peace would prevail.

        The love of liberty is love of others,

             the love of power is love for ourselves”

So the ones who read this letter do tell me if you can find any other reason for THE WAR, THE DIFFERENTIATION. Hope someone more wise can shed a different prospective on this, curious to know what YOU think.

Yours, Sherry

Corny, Is it ??


It’s a winter evening and as I sit in my blanket sipping tea, my brain is racing with thoughts. This is the first time I do not have a title for my writing piece, but I want to write. I want to write what I am thinking about, and its about Love. I do not know why I think about Love, the way no one else thinks, or perhaps they do but never say. Oh god! I get so carried away when I think about it.

Love is an intangible feeling but someone tangible gives it a meaning. You know! but what is the most irresistible thing about love it gives you power to make someone feel special. I do not know what is better than to see someone you love smile and the reason is You, it surely makes me happy that’s when you know, you just did something very right in your life. I know I am corny little or more, You decide! 😉 . Oops I just got the title for my writing 😛 .

Few days ago I was watching a movie and the lines are stuck in my head, Pardon me for the sequence, it goes something like this “For some love fades, for some love can simply be lost, but ofcourse it can be found too as Shakespeare once said ‘ Journeys end in lovers meeting ‘ “. Ho Ho! Now that’s profound.

Do not think, I do not know love comes with a price too, the price that only brave hearts can pay.

So My Dear Readers, What is the most irresistible thing about love for you? I would love to know some thoughts here about LOVE